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2 years ago

The boost in bile production you gain from eating artichokes can also be attributed to cynarin, which can be very beneficial to the health of your liver. The bile that your liver produces helps to remove dangerous toxins and digest fats. Artichokes also contain the flavonoid silymarin, a powerful liver protectant. Silymarin averts the process of lipid peroxidation from occurring in the cell membranes of the tissues of the liver, making the artichoke an ideal weapon in your arsenal to help you obtain optimal liver function.,,

2 years ago

The potential health benefits of artichoke hearts range from detoxifying and liver-cleansing effects to cholesterol-lowering properties. These juicy flower buds are also a real superfood when it comes to antioxidant activity. Keep reading to get the full scoop on the potential medicinal properties of this Mediterranean superhero vegetable.

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